Kenya 4: Interventions

Prehistoric monsters litter the Kenyan countrysideThe fourth instalment of the Kenya series makes a big leap in plot development. We see more of the relationship between the lights in the sky and the prehistoric creatures roaming the countryside; the various national factions are forced into a truce; and the contents (if not the purpose) of the mysterious boxes is revealed.

The lights in the sky get closer in the fourth episode of KenyaLeo and Rodolphe play this out perfectly, smattering the exploration and discovery with a little more drama and danger. While we still don’t know much about the lights, their intelligence and power is clear from this story, as is their desire to ensure their presence and activities remain unprovable.

As with previous episodes we’re left here with plenty of questions that remain unanswered but the journey is as gripping as ever. Roll on episode five.

Story: 4 Art: 4 Overall: 4

Written by: Leo, Rodolphe
Art by: Leo
Publisher: Cinebook
First published: 2015