Metal Hurlant: Selected Works

Metal Hurlant: Selected Works cover

Metal Hurlant was a French anthology comic first published in Paris in 1974, featuring grown-up genre stories from its creators Moebius, Druillet and Dionnet. Although it ceased publication in 1987, Metal Hurlant and its American incarnation, Heavy Metal, has had a deep influence on comics around the world.

Original publisher Humanoids relaunched the anthology for a one-off 13-issue run in 2002, and this volume collects a few of the best of those newer stories. Artists and writers included in this book include Kurt Busiek, Julien Blondel, Tommy Lee Edwards, Jerry Frissen, Cully Hamner, Geoff Johns, David Lloyd and Ryan Sook.

Metal Hurlant: Selected Works will be published by Humanoids on March 24 2020

Written by: Various writers
Art by: Various artists
Publisher: Humanoids
First published: 2020