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Sandman: Dream Country

Sandman 3: Dream Country

Words by
Neil Gaiman

Art by
Kelley Jones
Charles Vess
Colleen Doran
Malcolm Jones III




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Sandman 3: Dream Country

Sandman: Dream CountrySandman: Dream CountryAfter a fairly involved storyline running through several issues in The Doll's House, Gaiman takes a bit of a breather and has a little fun with the four short stories collected in Dream Country. They are all very different, but serve the continued purpose of broadening our understanding of the Sandman's world.

Though by it's very nature, this book isn't essential reading for an understanding of the series as a whole, it is one of our favourites, showing as it does how Gaiman's characters span the full gamut of life - human and otherwise.

If you're keen to keep the story rolling, you could possibly skip this collection, at least until later. We wouldn't recommend it though, because you'd be missing out on four cracking tales that further help navigate Gaiman's wonderful creation.

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Published by
DC Comics (US)
Titan Books (UK)

First published

Originally published as
The Sandman 17-20

1-563-89016-X (US)
1-852-86441-9 (UK)

Neil Gaiman

Previous in series
Sandman 2: The Doll's House

Next in series
Sandman 4: Season of Mists