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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Words by
Frank Miller

Art by
Frank Miller




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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill ForThis classic noir story has more twists, turns, hard men (of dubious repute) and dames than you could possibly wish for. The second book in the Sin City series sees main character Dwight, a photo-journalist of huge potential, forced to scrape together a living by setting up rich businessmen with prostitutes then selling the pictures he takes of them to their wives as evidence of adultery. When the femme fatale from his past reappears begging for help, he's powerless to resist.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill ForThe story twists and turns throughout, constantly throwing up new surprises. Sex, violence and money are high on the agendas of most of the people in the book, making it almost completely devoid of morals. It's not politically correct and your Granny probably wouldn't like it. In a literary form that usually associates itself with do-gooders in tights, it's great to see a book in which there isn't a single character whose personality hasn't got some kind of flaw.

The monochrome artistic style that characterises Miller's work on this series is incredibly well suited to the story. Everything is light and shade, which Miller works wonderfully, creating a sense of foreboding that draws you into the pages.

With Miller controlling everything about this book, from script to artwork to the way the two interact, something is achieved that can't happen in any other medium. If you like your entertainment dark, violent, sexy and very, very cool, find yourself A Dame to Kill For.

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Published by
Titan Books

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Originally published as
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


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