Color Trilogy, The

UPDATE: The Color of Heaven – the 3rd volume in the series – is out now.

This epic, sweeping story of romance in rural Korea defies description. Like the best literary fiction it transcends its subject matter, creating an intertwining tale of women in love.

Ehwa and her mother live simple a simple life but they’re deeply connected, as only a mother and daughter can be. But they’re defined by the men in their lives: the father and husband who passed away; the travelling artist who woos Ehwa’s mother but flutters in and out of her life; and the boys of the village who begin to appreciate Ehwa’s beauty as she blossoms into a young woman. But children must eventually make their own ways in the world, to marry and start their own families. Ehwa’s relationship with her mother changes and grows in its own right.

With nature and the seasons also playing their part, this is a poetically pastoral story – read our review of the first volume to get an insight into what to expect.

The Color of Earth The Color of Water The Color of Heaven
The Color of Earth The Color of Water The Color of Heaven
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Andy Shaw

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