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The Changers: Evolution is Our Right


The Changers Book 1: Evolution is Our Right

Words by

Ezra Claytan Daniels

Art by

Ezra Claytan Daniels


4 stars


4 stars


4 stars

The Changers: Evolution is Our Right

The Changers: Evolution is Our Right

This first part of a two volume self-published graphic novel is an ambitious piece of work. Although science fiction in overall leaning, it's harder to pigeon-hole than that, with themes of race, culture, friendship and religion running through this first book.

It's about two men from the far future who come back in time to try and alter things, becoming human catalysts in an attempt to change their own history for the better, so that people in their future can benefit. Although quite a complicated paradox theory, it's beautifully explained by Daniels, who also makes easy work of scripting and drawing the entire book.

The Changers: Evolution is Our Right

The characterisation is wonderful, with something slightly otherworldly about the two protagonists, effectively aliens in time, surrounded by an interesting, believable and likeable supporting cast.

The illustration is distinctive - Daniels has chosen to make his characters expressive rather than anatomically perfect. It's not lacking in detail though, with lots of panels on each page to track shifting emotions and subtle movements, carrying the dialogue as you follow the everyday lives of its protagonists. The printing is monochrome, but it's a dark green ink on paper with an olive hue, taking the stark contrast out of the concept of black on white and bringing the two extremes a step closer together.

At the beginning of this review, we pointed out that the book was an ambitious project. However, Daniels has pulled it off brilliantly, with great writing and a distinctive illustration style. It's well worth picking up by those who like a well-balanced story, which mixes a little science fiction with a good smattering of intelligent, entertaining dialogue and plot.

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