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Hard Boiled


Hard Boiled

Words by

Frank Miller

Art by

Geof Darrow


4 stars


4 stars


4 stars

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Hard Boiled

Hard Boiled Hard Boiled

There are some writer and artist teams that seem perfect together. Frank Miller and Geof Darrow don't fit that pattern. We're used to seeing Miller take both writing and art roles, creating gritty noir stories that are spare and earthy, bathed in little more than light and shade. Geof Darrow's coloured work can be contrastingly bright and colourful, with an attention to detail that verges on the insane. You'd think that putting these people together to make a comic could end up being a right mess. Instead, it achieves near perfection.

Hard Boiled has a post-Blade Runner human-like robots and consciousness plot, which might not be the most original of tales but is treated with maximum style and panache by Miller's sparing pen. This leaves Darrow to fill the gaps with his stunning artwork, filled with minute detail that'll have you poring over each frame, watching the individual pieces fly off crashing cars and disintegrating robots. Oh, and people. An awful lot of people get hurt.

You'll need a strong stomach to handle some of the violence in this book but those that can cope are in for a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions. The story is hot, the art is phenomenal and the book is worth every penny you pay for it. Highly recommended and well worth struggling to try and get hold of.

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Published by

Dark Horse

First published


Originally published as

Hard Boiled 1-3




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