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Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien

Words by
James Robinson

Art by
Phil Elliott




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Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien Cross E.T. with Quadrophenia and you've got something approaching this interesting little book. Set in England in the 60s, to a backdrop of pop music, mobsters and cold war, it follows the story of an alien, stranded on Earth, who befriends some locals but is never more than one step ahead of the authorities.

Illegal Alien There's a certain naivety, both to the main character but also to the script as a whole, which clearly harks back to a different era. In his introduction Robinson claims this is an attempt to explore how this sci-fi plot might have shaped up if it had been created by the successful post-war Ealing Studios. He's ultimately successful, creating a story that's part caper, part sci-fi, but quintessentially heart-warming and British.

The artwork is simple pen and ink work, which fits in happily with monochromatic view of the era we're left with courtesy of sixties television and newsreel footage. However, there are quite a lot of characters in the book and the simple similarity of some of the faces can occasionally mean you're not quite sure what part of the action you're following.

Despite a few mild faults, this remains a charming book with a playful innocence that's ultimately endearing. Be prepared to suspend belief and enjoy an old-fashioned kind of tale that remains surprisingly fresh amongst its present-day peers.

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Published by
Titan Books (UK)
Dark Horse (US)

First published

1-84023-580-2 (UK)
1-56971-824-5 (US)

Phil Elliott