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The Matrix Comics

The Matrix Comics

Whatever you thought of the movie and its sequels, The Matrix caused quite a stir when it hit our cinemas. From its special effects to the breadth of its influences, the film was quite different to sci-fi movies of the past. But for many fans, it was the elements brought in from comics and animation that made it special.

In homage to these quintessential influences, the Wachowski brothers commissioned a series of short comics and animations by a selection of the biggest names in the business. The resulting animations can be seen in The Animatrix, while The Matrix Comics collects 12 of the comics together in a single volume anthology.

The Matrix Comics

One story, Bits & Pieces of Information, written by the Wachowski brothers and realised by Geof Darrow, has an extended animated version featured on The Animatrix. Most of the other stories here are completely original. Like The Animatrix, The Matrix Comics delves into background and characters that aren't explored in the movies, fleshing out more of the Wachowski's futuristic nightmare.

The book is going to make absolutely no sense to anyone who isn't keen on the films and might be beyond the scope of those with a mere passing interest, given that all the stories printed here can be seen on the web if you fiddle your way around The Matrix website. Having said this, if you're a fan of the films you'll get a kick out of owning the comics in a more accessible form. And for the comic fan, the fact that a lot of high-class comics talent has gone into the production of these stories, even if it isn't likely to rank amongst their best work, is something of a bonus.

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