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Spawn: Creation

Spawn: Creation

Words by
Todd McFarlane

Art by
Todd McFarlane




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Spawn: Creation

Spawn: CreationSpawn is a strange creation. Without giving too much about this book away, which is a little tricky, Spawn is a kind of undead superhero, battling to regain the knowledge of what he was before he became Spawn. This recollection is spread throughout this book, feeding the reader with more information as Spawn himself remembers what is going on.

Spawn: CreationThe dialogue is cheesy in places, especially in the less action oriented and more thoughtful moments. Thankfully, Spawn's new life mostly revolves around violence so there isn't a whole lot of this to wade through. We are also faced with a lot of soliloquy as Spawn mulls his situation over in his mind. This makes him sound like something of a nutter, but perhaps we can forgive him that given what he's been through. It gives the comic an unsophisticated feel though, and while it is superior to most superhero dishes, it's still served from the same menu.

The story itself is pretty solid, if a little forced at the beginning as Spawn slowly recalls his past. It goes from strength to strength though, especially the last part of this collection, an uncomfortable portrayal of a paedophile that puts Spawn's moral values firmly on the map.

With words and art coming from the same hand there is a good balance between the two here, though we found McFarlane's drawing superior to his dialogue. This is a fair introduction to a classic series and is worth picking up to see if you fancy taking it further. An ongoing series can sometimes take a while to come into its own and there are some more respected writers drafted in further down the line. However, McFarlane's creation remain's McFarlane's and if you don't like action comics that don't deviate too far from the superhero norm, this won't offer too much of interest.

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Published by
Titan Books

First published

Originally published as
Spawn 1-5


Todd McFarlane
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