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Transmetropolitan: Lonely City

Transmetropolitan 5: Lonely City

Words by
Warren Ellis

Art by
Darick Robertson
Rodney Ramos




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Transmetropolitan: Lonely City

Transmetropolitan: Lonely City Transmetropolitan: Lonely City If the last book in the series dealt with the practicalities of a change of government, this book looks at its harsh realities. With a new President in control, superstar columnist Spider Jerusalem finds the rules changing. Not least of all is the diminishing power of his journalism, which the new regime is determined to wrestle from his control, by whatever means necessary.

This is perhaps the most shocking and thought-provoking volume of the series so far. Starting with a couple of gentle (for Transmetropolitan) backgrounder monologues and a short story about Jerusalem's ability to expose corruption, it's the three-chapter Lonely City story completing the collection that'll blow your socks off.

Robertson and Ramos back the writing up with decent quality visuals but it's the story that's outstanding; for its intelligence, its craftsmanship and its belief in a reader sophisticated enough to cope with its challenges. Followers of the series need no excuse to add this to the collection. Those who still haven't been tempted, climb aboard - science fiction comics rarely get as good as this.

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Published by
DC Comics (US)
Titan Books (UK)

First published

Originally published as
Transmetropolitan 25-30

1-56389-722-9 (US)
1-84023-296-X (UK)

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Warren Ellis