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Will Eisner

A Contract With God

To the Heart of the Storm

Warren Ellis

Global Frequency 1: Planet Ablaze

Global Frequency 2: Detonation Radio

Ministry of Space


Transmetropolitan 1: Back on the Street

Transmetropolitan 2: Lust for Life

Transmetropolitan 3: Year of the Bastard

Transmetropolitan 4: The New Scum

Transmetropolitan 5: Lonely City

Steve Englehart

Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told

Garth Ennis

Bloody Mary

Hellblazer 2: Dangerous Habits

Hellblazer 3: Fear and Loathing

Hellblazer 4: Tainted Love

Hellblazer 6: Rake at the Gates of Hell


Just a Pilgrim

Preacher 1: Gone to Texas

Preacher 2: Until the End of the World

Preacher 3: Proud Americans

Preacher 4: Ancient History

Preacher 5: Dixie Fried

Preacher 6: War in the Sun

Preacher 7: Salvation

Preacher 8: All Hell's A-Coming

Preacher 9: Alamo

Pride & Joy

Unknown Soldier

War Stories Vol. 1

Vince Evans

The Matrix Comics: Volume 2

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