Concrete Surfer

Pat Mills and Christine Ellingham brought the skateboarding craze to girls comics in 1978, with a story of two girls locked in a childhood rivalry.


The Straw King 1: The Pharaoh’s Daughter

She may be the daughter of a pharaoh, but that doesn’t count for much in the royal court when you have so many brothers and sisters. What’s a young girl to do but seek adventure outside the safety of the palace walls? Find out what happens next in Isabelle Dethan’s historical fantasy.


Soon: Book 1

The story of a mother leaving her son, set over a hundred years into the future, when climate change has ravaged the Earth. Humanity’s only hope is in the stars, and Simone wants to help it survive.


Breaks 2: Truth and Dare

The second collected volume of Emma Vieceli’s webcomic, about two young men working through the trials and tribulations of their blossoming relationship.


Judge Dredd: Control

A new collection of Judge Dredd stories from fan-favourite writer Rob Williams and artist Chris Weston, including Dredd’s face-off with the notorious Judge Pin.


Wild West 1: Calamity Jane

The graphic biography of Calamity Jane, told by Thierry Gloris and luxuriously illustrated by Jacques Lamontagne.


The Forbidden Harbor

When a young English boy is found washed up on the coast of Siam in the early 19th Century, a chain of mysterious events unravels. This magnificent, literary graphic novel explores the boy’s journey to find himself and bring a little justice to the world.