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8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello,

    I have a self published graphic novel that I have created and I was wondering how to get it reviewed on your site?


    Brian Wasiak

  2. Greetings,
    I have the same inquiry as Brian there. I too would love some more information on getting my work reviewed.

    Thanks a bunch,

  3. Hi Erik

    Please contact me through the email address above. The more information you can send me about your project, the quicker I can evaluate whether it’s something appropriate for Grovel or not.


  4. Thanks Dale! I have tried numerous search options in the past, but they always seem to be either rubbish at their job or break my site layout really badly. When I want to search the site myself, I just type the following into Google: keyword keyword

    Not as nice as a site search, I know, but maybe it’ll help!

  5. Dear Andy,

    My name is Felix Cheong, a poet and graphic novelist halfway round the world, in Singapore.

    My graphic novel, Sprawl, has just been released in the US and has been picked by The Comics Beat as one of the anticipated graphic novels for summer 2022:

    Written in poetic form, the neo noir detective story revolves around a cop and a bargirl whose lives intersect in the most unlikely of places — the murder scene of an ex-finance minister. But this minister was supposed to have committed suicide 20 years ago.

    You can view sample pages of Sprawl here:—sprawl.pdf?sfvrsn=eaadc4b0_1

    I’d like to find out if you’re interested in reviewing Sprawl? If so, I could send you a softcopy of the book first, followed by the hardcopy.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  6. Hello,

    1: I have a self published graphic novel that I have created and I was wondering how to get it reviewed on your site?

    2: Can I send PDFs of my graphic novel for review before it published?


    Sam Seen

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