Graphic novel reviews


Absence, The

A suspenseful, mysterious graphic novel that isn't quite as scary as it looks

Absence, The Absence, The


Comics superstar Bryan Lee O'Malley's new book takes his hip twenty-somethings on a Groundhog Day-like journey through time and regret

Seconds Seconds

Extinction Parade, The – Volume 1

The writer of World War Z returns to the zombie genre with another new twist: vampires

Extinction Parade, The – Volume 1 Extinction Parade, The - Volume 1

Death Sentence

What would you do if you contracted a virus that turns you into a super-human but only gives you 6 months to live?

Death Sentence Death Sentence


Concerned about Google Glass? Wait until you read about Oculus

Oculus Oculus
Absence, The Seconds Extinction Parade, The – Volume 1 Death Sentence Oculus
Absence, The Seconds Extinction Parade, The – Volume 1 Death Sentence Oculus


Sugar Skull Sugar Skull»

The final part of Charles Burns’ trilogy ties off all its loose ends, leaving this reviewer little short of gob-smacked

Love Bunglers, The Love Bunglers, The»

Jaime Hernandez catches up with Maggie and Ray, now in their forties, and still failing to decide whether they’re in love or not

ABC Warriors: The Mek Files 01 ABC Warriors: The Mek Files 01»

Reread the origins of Pat Mills’ ABC Warriors in this reprint of the first two series from 2000AD

Barracuda 1: Slaves Barracuda 1: Slaves»

A pirate story that removes the swashbuckling glamour and focuses on the grizzly horror of 17th Century pirates

Snowpiercer 1: The Escape Snowpiercer 1: The Escape»

The French graphic novel that inspired the film, Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic train ride from Hell


Ayako Ayako»

The latest Osamu Tezuka classic from Vertical tells the story of a girl who grows up confined to her cruel family’s cellar

Blue is the Warmest Color Blue is the Warmest Color»

The book that inspired the film that won this year’s Palme d’Or is an intense love story with tragic undercurrents

Great War, The Great War, The»

Joe Sacco’s illustrated panorama The Great War has more in common with the Bayeux Tapestry than your average comic


Jeff Smith extrapolates the work of Nikola Tesla in this hi-octane inter-dimensional sci-fi thriller

Goddamn This War! Goddamn This War!»

Jacques Tardi takes on World War I in a brutal portrayal of one man’s war