The Simon & Kirby Superheroes

Exclusive extracts from this epic collection of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s early superhero comics

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were a prolific comic-creating machine. While it’s Kirby’s co-creations with Stan Lee at Marvel – The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and The Fantastic Four, to name but a few – that have stood the test of time, it was Kirby’s earlier partnership with Simon that perhaps demonstrated his first tidal wave of superhero-centric creative genius.

The duo worked for Timely Comics, which would later turn in to Marvel, creating Captain America, and a whole host of other characters that aren’t such household names, including Stuntman, Captain 3-D, Fighting American, Private Strong and The Fly.

The Simon and Kirby Superheroes brings these characters back into print. A mammoth 500-page hardback book, this collector’s volume has page after page of deeply influential strips from the early days of superheroes, created by these trail-blazing artists.

To get a taste of the book, publisher Titan Books has kindly provided us with two exclusive pages. Click on the images below to see them in all their glory. Enjoy, and relive a bit of comics history.

Fighting American © Simon and Kirby. The Fly © 2010 Joseph H. Simon.

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