Haunted Caves, The

The Haunted CavesThe Haunted Caves may have been written by a newcomer to graphic novels, but Sammy Montana is no stranger to horror stories, working on production and development of the Halloween movie franchise.

Based on a screenplay by Michael Stevens, which is itself set to be made into a movie, The Haunted Caves is a short story at just 48 pages, but crams in a lot of horror in the classic slasher genre. It’s Halloween, and a group of teenagers are set to make the biggest mistake of their lives when they decide to visit a local ‘haunted’ house called the Haunted Caves. When they get there they find the place isn’t haunted but is the hideout of a maniac serial killer, who decides to make the unfortunate teens his next victims. The big question is, can anyone survive this house of horror?

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