Find out how a story set in the future, about a time when death and disease have been completely eradicated, can still be a dystopia

Cover of 200

Jennifer Brody and Jules Rivera have created a sci-fi dystopia that looks at a side of the future that might seem difficult to think about right now. In this vision of tomorrow, illness and death have been eradicated by a vaccine known as The Cure. However, while it’s possible for people to live forever, the option isn’t open to everyone. On your 200th birthday, you’re taken for a psychological test to see if you’re worthy of eternal life, and few appear to pass the test.

It’s Eva Thorne’s 200th birthday at the beginning of the book and we first meet her as she’s preparing to be escorted to her evaluation. However, she knows that not many people make it and that her husband of 170 years didn’t return from his test 6 months before. She’s resigned to failure. But something happens on the way to her test that flips her attitude on its head.

I’ve seen an advance copy of the book and while the art style hasn’t particularly grabbed me, the down-to-earth sci-fi story, with an everyday female protagonist, looks like a very promising read. The book is set to be published on 16 February 2021.

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