.357 Magnum Opus

With content as unapologetic as its no-holds-barred cover, Ghezal Omar and Mingchen Shen’s violent, sexy .357 Magnum Opus is ready to take you into a dark corner and give you a proper shake down.

.357 Magnum Opus cover

When you’re publishing your own graphic novel you can take some risks, which, as you might already gather from the in-your-face cover, is not something that worries Ghezal Omar.

.357 Magnum Opus is a violent, modern comic that literally pulls no punches. It tells the story of bounty hunters Sexx Pistol and Kassius Del Mar, who have the job of delivering crook Bastian Braun to a crime boss in Vegas. Whether they make it or not isn’t just about whether they can capture and keep hold of Braun, but whether they can work through their skeleton-filled closets and dysfunctional relationship well enough to get Braun to his destination without killing him first.

Omar had been working with various artists to try and get her Tarantino- and Fincher-inspired graphic novel to fruition, but it finally came together with the beautifully clean black and white illustration of Mingchen Shen.

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