A Day in the Life of Alfred

Øivind Hovland compacts time in his intruigingly short illustrated book A Day in the Life of Alfred. The story follows the dull routine of an ordinary man, as he gets up in the morning, goes to work and comes home again. While he relishes the dull monotony, he can’t help but notice that he passes the same man on his way into and out of work, every single day. But by acknowledging the presence of this stranger and, in so doing, opening a facet of his personality to the world, Alfred puts himself in a vulnerable position that spirals him into his past, into a childhood nightmare he thought he’d locked away for good.

At just over 50 pages, with an illustration and a line or so of text on each spread, this is an intense and quickly absorbed piece, though its interesting design and existential question could appeal to those keen to absorb and ponder its themes.

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