A Man Called Kev

Garth Ennis’s Kev Hawking, an ex-SAS soldier dropped out of life (via saving the world a couple of times), goes on his last hapless adventure in A Man Called Kev. Having seen something he shouldn’t have while serving in the Falklands Conflict, Kev finds himself on the wrong side of a ninja assassination team. But can he defeat all those out to get him and tie up all the loose ends in time for a happy ending?

Drawn by Carlos Ezquerra this is the last book in the Kev series.

One thought on “A Man Called Kev”

  1. This is the only book in the “Kev” series I have read and I picked it up because it’s got Ennis’ name on it. I was a bit dissapointed to be honest but maybe that’s because I haven’t read any of the other books? It didn’t really pack much of a punch and felt a bit flat all the way through. **Spoiler Alert** Sadam Hussein boning dear old Maggie Thatcher was a highlight though!!!!

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