Antares: Episode 3

The third volume of Leo’s Antares books puts the series, if not its characters, back on firm ground


The cliff hanger at the end of Episode 2 is resolved in this book, but not immediately. Also, unlike both the Aldebaran and Betelgeuse series, this third book doesn’t complete the Antares story, with at least one more volume to go before we get to its conclusion. That means there’s another cliff-hanger at the end of this book while we wait for Episode 4.

What we get instead of a conclusion is a classic piece of Leo-style alien world exploration, and it’s unputdownable as a result. The characters travel along the beach of Antares, trying to survive by hunting creatures that are far deadlier than they are. They witness strange flora and fauna, and usually end up having to shoot it to survive, as they attempt to get their back base camp in one piece (or, more accurately, as close to one piece as possible).

To add a little spice, Leo has written in some sexual tension, between Kim, Mark and a smattering of other characters. There’s an interesting relationship established between the uptight female subcommander (a military type from the cult running the colonisation operation) and Kim’s laissez-faire but strong and brave character.

This is back to form for the series, a compelling chapter that fans will love. As ever, if you haven’t sampled the Worlds of Aldebaran series yet, it would be best to start at the beginning, with Aldebaran: Episode 1.


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