Antares: Episode 4

The colonists of a hostile alien world continue their perilous journey back to base camp – but will they be safe when they finally get there?

Antares: Episode 4

Antares is shaping up to be quite different from any of the other series that have made up the Worlds of Aldebaran books so far, largely because of its length. This fourth book in this set still shows only the barest signs of a conclusion, as our heroes reach a pivotal moment in their adventure on Antares.

A lot happens in a short time, including more encounters with horrifying aliens, which LEO does so well, and a backdrop of political upheaval.

This leaves it as a transitional episode in the story, significant to the development of the plot but perhaps not as exciting as LEO’s finest moments of space exploration. However, the pressure is building for an explosive ending.

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