Antares: Episode 5

Kim continues her journey to find her daughter, landing on the planet the explorers believe is emitting a mysterious ray.



LEO’s taking his time with this series. In what seemed like it might be the last hurdle, Kim and a team of explorers travel to a neighbouring planet, which was the source of the mysterious human-disintegrating beam in previous episodes.

However, being forced to take the leader of the cultists with them leads to internal friction; and there’s disappointment on the planet, though the reader is given some insider information that isn’t revealed to the characters yet.

Considering this is now heading to be twice the length of the previous story arcs in the series, you could argue that it’s being dragged out. However, while some episodes have been slow, this isn’t one of them. Instead it shows a bit more of LEO’s plan for the series, but still keeps us hanging on, with no sign of a resolution just yet.

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