Ars Memoria

48-pages doesn’t really make a graphic novel by anyone’s standard, but I’ll let Ars Memoria off this once because the haunting art has grabbed my attention. Written and painted in oils by Menton J. Matthews III, it’s the story of a man looking for his long lost twin, who was taken from him while he was just a child. Years later, as he’s standing by the grave of his recently deceased mother, he meets a woman who believes she can reunite him with his brother, which launches him on a dark, supernatural journey beyond his deepest nightmares.

Lovingly crafted but all too short, this is shaping up to be an interesting ride. From our perspective though, we’d rather see the whole thing – tasters like this just leave us wishing it was already published in its entirety.

Available direct from the artist, it’s also worth checking out his website, which features some stunning-looking paintings and samples from the book.

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