Battle for Blüdhaven, The

During DC Comics’ recent Infinite Crisis, the city of Blüdhaven got hit harder than most: a chemical attack left it an effective no-man’s land, leaving thousands dead, homeless or mutated beyond recognition. So why is the government doing nothing to clean the place up? Because it has a secret agenda that isn’t compatible with the general concept of letting the refugees who once lived there back in to rebuild their lives.

The same applies for the superheroes that used to call the city their home, including Robin’s Teen Titans. The young heroes have had enough of being locked out, but with the government sponsoring its own team of heroes, have the Titans got enough clout to sort ’em out?

Oh, and there are two new powers in town too: Firebrand and the Black Baron both somehow gained strength from the toxic attack, but they’re not singing from the same hymn sheet. There may be trouble ahead…

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