Ben 10 Comic Book 1: And Then There Were 10

I’m not quite sure what age group Ben 10 is aimed at but it’s probably somewhere around seven. Originating as a cartoon/range of toys combo, you’d be forgiven for knowing nothing about it if you don’t have access to male children around that age. However, walk into a toy shop and you can’t escape Ben and his incredible range of toys.

This manga-sized comic book recounts the story of Ben’s transformation from typical 10-year-old into a superhero, thanks to a watch he finds in the woods while camping with his Dad and cousin. This watch (the Omnitrix) allows Ben to take the form of 10 alien beings with different abilities, which he mostly does to fight evil, with only a little mischief on the side.

If you want to know more, ask a seven-year-old boy. If you want to impress a seven-year-old boy, buy them this book, or the second volume called Washington B.C.

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