Betelgeuse 2: The Caves

The penultimate volume of LEO’s extraterrestrial exploration saga is a fitting second act, revealing more of Betelgeuse’s strange ecosystem

The second volume of LEO’s Betelgeuse series picks up where the previous one left off. A seriously injured Kim and her companion are stuck in a cave while her colleagues endeavour to find her. Her enemies carry on down the river but end up in a spot of bother with some more of Betelgeuse‚Äôs exotic wildlife.

The links between Aldebaran and Betelgeuse start to emerge, ready for the next volume’s grand finale, and Kim is treated to an insight into the secrets of the seemingly psychic Iums.

It’s a great middle act – we know that any revelations are going to be saved for the third and final volume but there’s enough action, mystery and plot development to keep us perfectly happy.

So our judgement on the series will really have to wait for the last instalment but, as we came to expect from Aldebaran, at least some of the attraction of this series is the exploration. LEO has made this fascinating but deadly planet of Betelgeuse a wonderful place to explore, but his exotic creatures are keeping their secrets for the final episode.

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