Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm

Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm - Gran’maThe third book in the Bone series turns something of a corner in terms of the plot. What had previously appeared to be all about the Bones, admittedly set in a fantasy world of monsters and dragons, now takes even more of a step towards fantasy cliche. Mixing elements of a Lord of the Rings-style brooding, imminent war with a few fairy story staples (which we won’t go into here for risk of spoiling it all for you), you might be forgiven for assuming that this fantasy tale was taking a turn for the worse. Of course, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Instead, by showing its hand like this, you’ll realise that Bone has a lot to offer. The beautiful illustration and slightly anarchic plot make all the difference. Smith is a master-craftsman, pulling us through his story with humour and great technical skill. The switch Smith makes with the characters in this volume is nothing short of magical.

Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm - Fone BoneThe series is pitched at an all-ages audience and it couldn’t be better targetted. Now the basic plot and purpose has emerged, the way is clearing for a classic tale of high-adventure, which could be enjoyed by anyone who isn’t likely to get too scared by hairy humanoid monsters with sharp teeth, vicious claws and glowing red eyes.

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