Buddha Volume 2: The Four Encounters

Buddha Volume 2: The Four EncountersHaving spent a long time in the first book on the build-up to Siddartha’s birth, this second volume is something of a whistle-stop tour through his childhood. Born into an Indian royal family, Siddartha could want for nothing and has a legion of tutors and entertainers to keep him educated and happy. However, Siddartha is a sickly boy, prone to sleeping and rarely able to drum up any interest in his privileged life.

Buddha Volume 2: The Four Encounters - SiddarthaInstead it falls to Tatta, the boy from the first book who can take over the spirits of animals, to persuade him to see the world outside his palace walls. Taking him on an adventure that literally changes his life, Siddartha chooses a path of spirituality, scorning the arranged marriage he’s been bullied into taking.

Tezuka’s story-telling, both through his dialogue and his drawing, make this a wonderful tale, mixing the childhood of Siddartha with the stories of parallel and intertwining characters whose lives impact on the young boy’s thoughts and actions.

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