Buddha Volume 5: Deer Park

Buddha Volume 5: Deer Park - YatalaWith Siddartha newly enlightened and now named Buddha, he’s ready to start sharing his wisdom with other living creatures. Conservative humans are slow to catch on though, so Buddha’s first flock is a herd of deer, who attentively sit and listen to his sermons on universal suffering.

Buddha Volume 5: Deer Park - BuddhaMeanwhile, Tatta and Yatala meet as the champions of two different armies, with Tatta fighting in an attempt to get access to his enemy’s royal family, so he can avenge the murder of his family; while Yatala is simply too big and ugly to be accepted in any other walk of life. The irony that they both wish to give up and follow Buddha is almost completely lost on them.

This volume is full of cruelty and sacrifice, though the nature of the enlightened Buddha is falling into place. He’s now comfortable with his position in the universe and understands what needs to be done – that he must share his findings with others. However, the gargantuan task of persuading others that his way is the best way is still to be tackled.

Tezuka’s script is as tight as ever, adding an element of post-modern, self referential humour into the mix to lighten, but not dilute, the message. His artwork remains totally consistent, with the same manga-style humans, Disney-esque animals and stunningly beautiful natural vistas that have characterised the series from the start. This is another excellent addition to an epic series that shouldn’t be missed.

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