Comic Art Now

There are a number of ways of finding new comics to enjoy. Of course, you can read opinion in magazines and websites like this one, or you can take risks and experiment with things that take your fancy straight off the shelves. You could also try an anthology. Or, if you particularly want to focus on the art side of things (which is at least 50 percent – if not more – of what makes comics great) you could find a swathe of new material to explore in Comic Art Now.

This stunning coffee table book is an exploration and a celebration of many of the finest artists currently working in the medium of comics the world over. Looking at work from both the mainstream and more avant-guard artists, it’s a wonderful testament to the breadth of talent out there.

Although this book won’t tell you anything about the stories they illustrate, it’s the perfect companion for fans of current comic art, reaffirming the positions of the masters, pointing out some wonderful rising talent, and all expertly annotated by comic editor extraordinaire Dez Skinn.

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