Divine Melody

Divine Melody is story of a young fox demon called Cai-Sheng, who is being trained to shape-shift between male and female forms. She is attacked by a dog and saved by a human boy and girl, who are magically marked by Cai-Sheng’s guardian so that she can repay the debt, even if it’s after the children have grown old, died and have been reincarnated.

200 years later, and Cai-Sheng has mastered the shape-shifting, sex-changing skill. She stumbles across her saviours, who are living different lives, unaware of one another, having been reincarnated separately. She decides to repay her debt by matchmaking the two, but makes a mess of things when the girl inadvertantly falls in love with her male form.

Written by I-Huan, the book is billed as a romantic fantasy, in the same vein as her previous series Real/Fake Princess.

Divine Melody Volume 1 Divine Melody Volume 2
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