Doctor Who: Volume 1 – Alternating Current

A second crossover for the Thirteenth and current Doctor Who (Jodie Whittaker) and the Tenth (David Tennant), this time featuring Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Titan Comics’ latest Doctor Who collection picks up where the last volume’s cliffhanger left off, as the Thirteenth Doctor and her fam, having said goodbye to the Tenth Doctor, arrive in a devastated London. And, as is the nature of these things, they soon bump into, yep, the Tenth Doctor again, in an alternate timeline that was created by the Doctors meeting in the first place! It sounds complicated, but the plot actually makes perfect sense.

Along for the ride this time around is Rose Tyler, plus her parents, Jackie and Pete, and just to add to the fun, Nikola Tesla. There’s plenty of monsters as well – firstly with classic foes the Sea Devils, then we’re bang up to date with the Skithra. If the first team-up saw writer Jody Houser piling up as many Doctor Who references as she can, this time around she even adds the kitchen sink. It says a lot that it never feels overloaded, though – they’re expertly juggled in another terrific adventure.

Once again the slightly weak link is Roberta Ingranata’s art, which, as I mentioned in my review of the previous book, fails to capture every facial likeness as well as I’d like. However, if you enjoyed the first adventure, you’ll love this.

There’s one more thing I ought to mention, because the story isn’t the only paradox going on. You might have noticed that this is volume 1, but I keep talking about a previous story. That’s because Titan renamed the original comic (to Doctor Who Comic) between the two stories, and started again at issue 1, making this the first collection of this new series. Don’t tackle it without having read the original, first.

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