Drawing Crime Noir for Comics and Graphic Novels

This takes us back more years than we care to admit to, when dreams of drawing comics could easily outweigh the lack of any kind of talent. The still available How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way seemed to be a ticket to a career of drawing Captain America and Daredevil. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

Kids these days may still want to learn to draw superheroes but there’s certainly more to comics now. Christopher Hart recognises this and has launched a series of Drawing… books, the latest of which is called Drawing Crime Noir for Comics & Graphic Novels. If you think you’ve got the next Sin City in you, but you need some help with the artistic side, this book could help.

In all honesty, this isn’t going to turn a talentless scribbler into a professional comic artist, but for those looking to transfer an existing talent to comics, it’s certainly full of ideas. What’s that? You don’t like noir and want to draw pixies and elves instead? Well bizarrely enough, theres a Drawing Faeries book available from Hart too.

Drawing Faeries How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

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