Dungeon: Zenith Volume 3 – Back in Style

This is what the Dungeon series is all about – pure fantasy, rolled into amusing farce. As readers of the previous volumes will know, this Zenith strand of the series is when the Dungeon is enjoying its peak, working as a honey-pot that attracts adventurers and their riches to their doom. The Keeper isn’t satisfied though – he wants a wife and decides to arrange a marriage to Isis, though she decides she’d rather have his reluctant duck underling Herbert.

In the second story, the Keeper is temporarily evicted from the Dungeon and needs Herbert’s help to get it back. But as we know from previous instalments, relying on Herbert rarely provides the end result the Keeper is looking for.

With art by Boulet and script by Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim, this is a book that no Dungeon fan is going to want to miss.

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