First Squad – The Moment of Truth

When the Germans on World War II’s Eastern Front are raising historical heroes from the dead, Russia needs its own psychic super-powered army. Who you gonna call? First Squad!

First Squad cover

UPDATE: Printed paperbacks now available at Barnes & Noble.

First Squad – The Moment of Truth is a graphic novel adaptation of the 2009 anime film of the same name, which is set to be printed in English for the first time in October 2020. The print run is being funded by a Kickstarter, which is offering digital downloads of the book as its core $10 reward. This is a slight discount to the Comixology version, with additional production artwork. You can also get a printed version of the book, though these don’t kick in until the $60 mark, though it does come with a bundle of bonus material.

The story, set on the Eastern Front during World War II, is about a supernatural conflict between a young Russian girl and a German Baron. Both can speak with the dead, and end up waging an occult war with armies made from heroes of the past. Whoever wins this war can influence the real fighting between the invading Germans and defending Russian armies.

The book has been written by the creators of the movie, Aljosha Klimov and Misha Shprits, and illustrated by the late Enka Sugihara.

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