UPDATE: The 2nd volume in the series – The Corndog Imperative – is due to be published on 1 December 2009.

Hailed as one of the most different, interesting, amusing and downright weird of web-published comics, Goats has finally made it into print. Starting off a decade ago as an autobigraphical strip in which creator Jonathan Rosenberg hangs out in a bar, talking to other barflies (most of whom happen to be animals), Goats soon transformed into a science fiction epic.

Collecting together the first parts of the Infinite Pendergast Cycle, these books offer an alternative route into a highly-regarded web-based comic strip, for those who don’t like reading their comics on a computer.

Goats: Infinite Typewriters Goats: The Corndog Imperative
Infinite Typewriters The Corndog Imperative
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