Jane Eyre: The Graphic Novel

We didn’t think the Brontë sisters were the ideal candidates for having their stories turned into graphic novels. But then you could probably have said the same about Shakespeare 12-months ago, but it hasn’t stopped Classical Comics from publishing some great adaptations.

Jane Eyre is Charlotte Brontë’s masterpiece, originally published in 1847 and already adapted many times for cinema and television. As with Frankenstein, also recently published by Classical Comics, this version comes in two editions – Original text for a full adaptation and a Quick version for those who want their story pre-digested. Perhaps most interesting however is John M. Burns’ artwork, which is beautifully hand painted, giving it a glorious retro feel when compared to modern computer-based colouring techniques. A true blast from the past that gives this book even more of a classic feel.

Smuggling Spirits 1 Smuggling Spirits 2
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