Judge Dredd: Control

A new collection of Judge Dredd stories from fan-favourite writer Rob Williams and artist Chris Weston, including Dredd’s face-off with the notorious Judge Pin.

Judge Dredd: Control cover

Following on from The Small House, writer Rob Williams pits Dredd against a new arch-nemsis in the form of Judge Pin. Pin is an SJS judge – the division of the justice department that judges the judges – and she’s taken something of a dislike to Judge Dredd.

There is a broad range of Rob Williams stories in this collection, but they’re all illustrated by artist Chris Weston. Stories include:

  • The Fields (2000AD Progs 2035-2036)
  • Fit for Purpose (2000AD Progs 2073-2074)
  • Control (2000AD Progs 2141-2145)
  • The Heart is a Lonely Klegg Hunter (2000AD Progs 1888-1889)
  • Boxing Day (2000AD Prog 2011)
  • Elevator Pitch (2000AD Progs 2088-2089)
  • The Death of Dan-E Cannon (2000AD Prog 1800)
  • Cadet Dredd Vs Grudzilla (2000AD Prog 2130)

You can buy a digital copy of Judge Dredd: Control from 9 July, but you’ll need to wait until 10 December if you want a print copy.

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