Kenya 2: Encounters

The second book in Leo and Rodolphe’s Kenya series takes us on a safari with a difference, where UFOs and dinosaurs prowl the African savannah.

Kenya 2: Encounters

I had high hopes for the Kenya series after the first volume and this second book in the series doesn’t disappoint. By the end of this volume I am as entrenched in this story of mysterious lost world creatures and lights in the sky as I’ve been with any of Leo’s Worlds of Aldebaran books.

Kenya 2Here Leo and Rodolphe treat us to a full exploratory expedition, which brings the mysterious school teacher (and undercover agent?) out into the bush to see if she can track the previous expedition and uncover their fate.

Both expeditions are expertly rendered by Leo, who twists time, using a hired Kenyan survivor from the first trip to narrate its story to the second group, reliving the horror as the follow-up expedition’s own dramas unfold. It sounds complicated but it’s done brilliantly here, like a masterclass in narrating two concurrent timelines.

While much more information is exposed about the characters, Leo is holding much back, leaving us craving another fix, not helped by his trademark epic cliff-hangers. Thoroughly recommended to any comic lovers looking for a sophisticated story crammed with intrigue, dinosaurs and UFOs.

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