Kenya 5: Illusions

Leo and Rodolphe bring their African dinosaurs and aliens adventure to a dramatic climax.

Kenya - Miss Austin receives some visitorsThe final book in the Kenya series sees, for once with a Leo book, all mysteries solved and everything neatly tied together. To a certain extent. Sort of.

The conclusion we get is seen through the eyes of lead character Miss Austin, so we get a background delivered by a somewhat unreliable and possibly completely insane shaman, and a visitation from an extraterrestrial being. However, in complete contrast to where Leo could have gone with this, the alien ends up appearing to Austin in a very familiar disguise.

Kenya - Miss Austin with a revolverReturning to her bosses, all evidence of Kenya’s alien and prehistoric visitors have vanished, leaving nothing for her to show for her exploits other than her own memories.

It’s an interesting ending with a nice, biblical twist, which leaves plenty of doors open for interpretation. This might disappoint if you want all the answers but the series is as interesting for the journey as it is for its conclusion. The dinosaurs and aliens theme isn’t as bold as we originally thought it might be, instead offering a subtle decoration around a broad concept, but it’s a thrilling alternative twist on a Jurassic Park-style story, with added UFO mystery, and what’s not to like about that?

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