Knights of Heliopolis

Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jérémy team-up to bring us a new graphic novel take on an Alexandre Dumas classic

Most people probably think of Alejandro Jodorowsky as a writer of science fiction comics but Knights of Heliopolis, coming from Titan Comics’ Statix Press imprint, is firmly set in historical fantasy.

The book is loosely based on the Alexandre Dumas’s classic The Man in the Iron Mask, except that instead of a prisoner, the anonymous relative of a French king has been training with a secretive sect of alchemists. As his identity is finally revealed to him, will he take his place on the throne or continue to practice his transformative magic?

Jodorowsky’s chosen artistic partner in this endeavour is the insanely talented Jérémy. You can soak up some of his beautiful panels in the art preview below, or check out his work in Barracuda.

Knights of Heliopolis is due to come out in April 2021.

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