Lobo: Portrait of a Bastich

There was a time when DC Comics’ main plan of expansion appeared to revolve around taking British comic talent, who’d honed their craft on British weekly sci-fi comic 2000AD, and letting them loose on the American market. And after the success of Alan Moore, who can blame them?

Lobo is one such project, originally created by Keith Giffen but brought to life by the awe-inspiring artwork of Simon Bisley (who cut his teeth on 2000AD‘s ABC Warriors and Slaine) and script by Alan Grant – a stalwart of British comics since the late 1960s, and co-writer on such classics as Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog. This collection brings together the two mini-series that launched the character, a futuristic bounty-hunter with a blood-splattered agenda, from the early ’90s.