Lost Cat

Jason mixes noir and sci-fi in another genre-bending talking animal story

Lost Cat: Dan Delon and friend
For a book from a graphic novelist previously known for his wordless work, the lead character in Lost Cat is surprisingly verbose. Dan Delon is a private detective, in the spirit of Humphrey Bogart playing Philip Marlowe – a similarity not lost on some of the characters he meets during the course of this book.

What starts with him stumbling across the lost cat of a lonely woman, who then goes on to disappear herself, while also working to secure a painting for an elderly client, the plot is thick and convoluted. Delon asks questions but gets few answers. Those he does receive lead him to dead ends. Are his two cases related? Who is the mysterious cat woman? Before any of this is answered another genre is jarringly introduced and the plot’s waters are irrevocably muddied.

The book throws up more questions than it answers. If you like mysteries, and are a fan of Jason’s humanoid, animal-headed characters and genre-bending stories, then this noir-ish tale will appeal. But those looking for a more accessible route in to Jason’s work might be better off with some earlier work: The Last Musketeer is a personal favourite.

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