Namibia – Episode 2

The second instalment of Leo, Rodolphe and Marchal’s historical science fiction saga set in the depths of Africa

Disintegrating bodies in Namibia Episode 2You wouldn’t expect the second book in a five-part Leo series to give up its secrets easily and the second episode of Namibia certainly doesn’t, but it nicely merges the two odd mysteries of the first book (swarms of giant insects and disintegrating humans that should be dead) into one.

Giant insects in Namibia - Episode 2The art continues to impress, though there’s nothing too alien going on here yet – we’re holding back our final judgement on what Marchal brings to the table for something truly alien to happen.

There’s not a lot of character development, though the misogynistic old duffer that series regular Kathy Austin is partnered with is starting to see beyond her gender, and there’s no question that her information is being taken seriously by the top brass of British government. Despite their help, though, the book ends on a classic cliff-hanger. It’s arguably fairly obvious that the obvious hasn’t happened (you’ll see what we mean) but you’ll be as intrigued as I am to find out what has.

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