Eight years after a devastating earthquake flattens California and beyond, a young woman embarks on a journey to discover forgotten family secrets

Odessa cover

Experts seem to be of the opinion that a significant earthquake is long overdue for America’s west coast, but if it comes, what will life be like afterwards? This is the question tackled in Jonathan Hill’s gently apocalyptic Odessa, which balances the bleak aftermath of a catastrophic natural disaster with the everyday reality of life needing to go on.

The first few pages of the book see an older sister explaining to her two younger brothers how the world they live in came about, while fixing the plumbing in her sink. While surrounded by ruins, it’s a heart-warming start, though one that seems certain to be upended by the arrival of a mysterious package.

Published by Oni Press, Odessa is due to go on sale on 11 November 2020.