Preacher 9: Alamo

Preacher: Alamo - Saint of KillersIf you’ve made it this far through Ennis and Dillon’s epic nine-volume Preacher series, we’re sure you don’t need us to persuade you to purchase this final volume. Featuring the last eight issues of the monthly comic, this book contains Jesse’s showdown with everyone – Cassidy, the Saint of Killers, Herr Starr and God himself.

Preacher: Alamo - TulipNaturally there are some loose ends to tie and Ennis doesn’t disappoint, ending the series as bloodily but as satisfyingly as you might hope. Some burning questions are answered, such as what’s going to happen to Arseface, will Featherstone’s love for Herr Starr come to fruition and what’s under Cassidy’s sunglasses?

There’s no let up on either the pace or the action in this book. You may not see quite so many grievous injuries as you’ve seen in the previous volumes but the characters that drop in this book aren’t just cannon fodder, they’re the people we’ve been following all along. Ennis clearly isn’t afraid of pulling a few surprises and we’re all the happier for it.

It’s a suitable climax to an awesome series that’s far more than a sum of its parts. If you haven’t read the previous volumes and you’re not scared of a bit of violent action, pick up the first one or two and check out its genre-busting genius. It won’t be long before you’ve read through the rest and are picking up this volume to check out the ending.

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