Prince of Persia

We’ve had comics based on novels, comics based on films and comics based on toys. This, however, is a comic based on a computer game – Prince of Persia to be precise. Old timers like myself will remember the original platform game, which hid an infuriating but simple running and jumping game behind tricky timing and fluid animation, the likes of which hadn’t been seen in a computer game at the time. Since then the franchise has seen a number of incarnations with 10 games under its belt to date.

Anyway, the graphic novel is based on the series, pulling in influences from Iranian history, mythology and the game itself. Written by poet A. B. Sina, and illustrated by LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland, the story centers around two Persian princes, one from the 9th century and the other from the 14th, the latter awaiting the invasion of Genghis Khan. The events in their lives intertwine, however, leaving us to find out whether the princes are real people or archetypal legends, sent to save Persia in times of trouble.

As well as the book, Prince of Persia fans should watch out for a new game in the series, due in November, and a Disney film in 2009.

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