Princess movie and competition

Princess - posterWe don’t often write about movies here at Grovel, but having seen the trailer of Princess, which is getting one of its first public showings at the Comica Festival at the ICA in London on Friday, we can’t really help ourselves. That, and Tartan Films has give us some prizes to give away.

The first feature from Danish director Anders Morgenthaler, this is clearly inspired by manga and animé, with a European twist. In it, a clergyman called August returns from his international missionary work when he hears that his sister, Christina, has died. When he arrives home he finds that she had been scraping the barrel of the employment market, finding success, notoriety and drugs working as a porn star. Leaving a five-year-old daughter Mia behind, August sweeps her away from what remains of her dead mother’s memory, but can’t erase the legacy that Christina’s alter-ego – The Princess – has left on the pornographic industry. Or can he? Perhaps by fighting a one-man war against the pornographers who led Christina to her death, he can somehow avenge her life.

Princess - prizesTo celebrate the release of the movie we’ve got two prize packs of a limited edition movie poster and t-shirt to give away. For a chance to win, send us the answer to the following question, along with your postal address so we can send you the prize, to Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where you live) this competition is open to UK residents only.

Q. What summer month is the vengeful clergyman from Princess named after?

Please send your entries by 8am on Saturday 20th October. The first two correct answers, pulled out of the Grovel hat at random, will get the prizes and Grovel‘s decision is final.

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